Never Pay For Hosting Again

A few years ago an offer came out that I was shocked at…


I couldn’t believe that someone was actually offering a one-time payment for hosting.

At the time I was with a big name hoster (PurpleHost or something like that ;), and my introductory pricing was running out.

The renewal fees were exorbitant!

Needless to say, I bought the very first Lifetime.Hosting deal and promptly moved my sites.

Well, guess what…Lifetime.Hosting Is back!

If you have web hosting, then check out Lifetime.Hosting. You’ll want to switch today. If you don’t have web hosting, then you need it.

With Lifetime.Hosting you get:

– Faster loading websites (better hardware, software & support)
– cPanel Control Panel
– Unlimited Email Accounts
– Free Website Builder
– One-click Installer for WordPress, etc…
– 24/7 Technical Support

Plus these great extra values:

– Responsive Drag and Drop Website Builder to Ensure
100% Mobile Compatible Websites

– Double the free lifetime domain names (a $79.90 Value)

– $395 in advertising credits with Bing, Amazon, Bidvertiser,
Youtube, Google & Perfect Audience (for retargeting)

– 5GB of Free Lifetime FTP Storage for WordPress Backups, cPanel
Backups, desktop Backups or whatever you like ($199.95 value)

Lifetime.Hosting is LITERALLY the last web hosting you may ever buy.

And now you can get two Lifetime Domain names included with any hosting purchase during this launch. That’s right – you’ll never pay domain renewal fees again. Check out the amazing domains that qualify for one-time lifetime payments.

Click Here to Check Out Lifetime.Hosting

As a special bonus I’m including access to MarketingSchool.Online’s Getting Started With WordPress course to help you bone up on WordPress.

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ATTN: Web Designers & Marketers…Get More Local Business Leads

The lifeblood of many local businesses is leads. Without them they are dead in the water.

How do you find new leads or prospects for your business?

Do you search Google and poke through the results hoping you’ll find someone who looks like they need your service?

That’s a painstakingly slow process!

What if there was a way to quickly search for businesses that need the web and marketing services you offer?

You guessed it…there is!

Click Here To See This Powerful Software In Action

Once you land on the page click the video button and watch Clifton explain everything.

I wanted to make a review of the software but just haven’t had time to get a video together.

So here’s my overall take on the software…

– It’s very simple to use. Plug in your keyword or keyword + location and click Start.

– Filtering for the specific “gap” you want to find is very easy

– It’s not as full-featured as some lead finding software, but is much cheaper and
a one-time payment

– If you get it I definitely recommend the Pro upgrade to get the most from the software

– If you already have lead finding software this may or may not be able to replace it

– If you don’t have lead finding software, this is a very inexpensive and simple tool that gets the job done

BTW – Clifton also throws in two PDF strategy guides on how to use the software to find and then contact businesses.

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Biggest Sale of the Year

I got my start in affiliate marketing as an Amazon affiliate and still do a little in that area.

Today is Amazon’s biggest sale of the year that is exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Amazon prime gets you great benefits like fee 2-day shipping, Amazon Video, Amazon Music, books and much, much more.

If you want to be a part of the fun today…shopping the amazing deals…

Sign Up For Amazon Prime Now

If you do, let me know what deals you like the best in the comments…



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Start Your Online Business Today

If you’re like me, you dream of being your your own boss and making a solid income online.

In fact, I work hard at it every day!

One of the ways I’m building my online business is by partnering with Builderall to use and promote their platform.

Builderall is getting ready to do a huge launch on July 27.

Yesterday they held a webinar where they talked about the AMAZING enhancements they’re adding to the platform, and how NOW is the time to partner with them to take advantage of the BUZZ that will be created in late July, August and September.

If you’ve dreamed of building something of your own that can give you the freedom you want in life…

Watch The Replay Now

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Offline Marketing Stinks!

I’m serious!

Cold calling and cold emailing and cold networking events…

I’m freezing and frustrated!

Is there a way to put the right offer in front of the right audience on the right platform and force customers to come to me?


According to Lewis Turner and Andy Brocklehurst…there is a way!

Watch my review of their guide…

Sound interesting? Click the link below to learn more…

How To Sell High Profit Services to Offline Businesses

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I Almost Gave Up

On several occasions over the past few years I’ve almost quit Internet Marketing.

The ups and downs of trying to build an online business make for one harrowing ride…
as much as any of today’s crazy roller coasters.

But, over the past year there has been one endeavor that has brought consistency to my side hustle.

That one endeavor is my Builderall Business.

With my Builderall Business and its recurring commission structure I’ve been able to build a reliable and growing income stream.

Builderall is getting ready to do another MASSIVE launch in late July.

They’re holding a special webinar on July 12 at 3pm EST.

On this webinar you’ll learn:
– About the amazing new tools and updates that Builderall is releasing during their upcoming launch
– How Builderall is quickly becoming the number one Digital Marketing platform
– How you can be a part of the upcoming launch and begin building your own business
– About Builderall’s ready-to-go high converting sales funnels

I’d like to personally invite you to the webinar to see if the Builderall Business program is
an endeavor that can help you obtain your financial dreams.

Interested in learning more?

Simply click the link below…

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You’re Invited

In a few short days something special is happening…

Yes, it’s my wife’s birthday…but most of you probably don’t care much about that. 🙂

What I’m talking about is a special invitation.

You’re invited…

…to be your own boss…

…to make consistent money online…

…to build something that gives you the freedom you desire…

…to be happy and enjoy your success.

On July 12th at 3pm EST a special webinar is taking place where you will learn about an amazing business opportunity.

This is NOT a business opportunity JUST for gurus, people with huge YouTube channels, people with thousands of email subscribers or deep advertising pockets.

This is a legitimate business opportunity for EVERYONE, including the LITTLE guys.

You’re wanted. You’re needed.

You’re invited…

Click Here To Register For The Special Webinar

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Is Passive Income Truly Possible?

Passive income…

It’s the goal of most online marketers.

The ability to build a digital asset and have it produce income day and night on autopilot so that you can spend more time with your family or travel or hang out with friends or…

Do Whatever You Want!

Unfortunately, for many of us, truly passive income has been more of dream than a reality.

We work hard every day to earn our online income.

So what do we? How can we build passive income into out business so we can actually enjoy life?

Well, we have two choices…

1. Keep pressing in, working hard and hope we stumble upon the secret of passive income.

2. Learn from experts that have already done it and can show us how to do it too.

Personally, I prefer option #2.

Thankfully, two Internet Marketers that have over 4 years of experience and proof building passive income machines released a new course that teaches you exactly what they did and how you can build your own passive income machines.

Sound interesting?

Click Here to Learn How to Build Your Own Passive Income Machines

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