How To Build An Automated Money-Making Machine

Is it truly possible to build a money-making machine that works on autopilot?


In fact, a friend of mine was able to make $160, $417 and $396 all within 24 hr periods and all with FREE traffic.


It can be done with Facebook Chatbots. Wait, what is Chatbot?

A Chatbot is basically a conversation with a robot. A Facebook Chatbot is an automated conversation on Facebook.

A Facebook Chatbot allows you to provide customer service, deliver content, acquire customers and whole lot more…all 24/7 in a seamless and automated way.

Chatbots currently work within Facebook Messenger and are expected to be available in Instagram soon.

So, what does a Chatbot look like?

Imagine calling your local cable company and the first thing your hear is…

“Press 1 for Sales”, “Press 2 for Support” or “Press 0 to speak with the operator”.

Chatbots perform similar functionality, but within Messenger and with a whole lot more flexibility and power.


Who’s using Chatbots?

There are many examples of companies, both big and small, using Chatbots.

Almost as soon as Facebook released Chatbots a bank in Brazil built one that enabled its patrons to perform basic tasks like checking their balance and transferring funds.

Pizza delivery restaurants have built bots that can take orders.

Marketers have started using Chatbots to deliver lead magnets, share content and make sales.

How do you build a Chatbot?

Chatbots, though they may seem complex, are really simple to build…especially with a little bit training.

Remember my friend from above who made hundreds of dollars with FREE traffic using chatbots?

His name is JayKay Dowdall and he’s a Facebook expert, both chatbots and ads.

JayKay created a course detailing exactly how he built those automated money-making machines.

It’s called Destiny and it’s on a super-special discount for the next few days.

Check out my review below…

JayKay’s training is both exceptional quality and an exceptional value.

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As always, if you have any questions simply leave a comment below…

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