What Is Mass Marketing And Is It Right For You?

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a totally new concept…

…Mass Marketing.

What is Mass Marketing?

Maybe the simplest analogy is this…

You can fish with a net, or you can fish with a pole. In both cases you will catch fish, but with the net you will catch a ton more fish with a lot less effort!

The goal of most SEOs/Marketers is to create a perfectly optimized page with the perfect backlink profile so that their page will rank number 1 for a keyword phrase that gets 10,000 visitors per month.

They fight to get that ranking, then they fight to keep that ranking.

And when they lose it (which they most certainly will), they will repeat the cycle to try and get it again.

With mass marketing the “goal is volume, not perfection”.

Mass marketers “understand that landing 10,000 longtail listings that each produce only one single visitor per month is far faster and easier to achieve”.

Because these “longtail listings” are spread out across 10,000 non-competitive listings, the chance of losing them is much less likely. And even if you do lose a few you still have thousands more to keep your traffic flowing.

Starting to make sense?

Is Mass Marketing right for you?

I will be completely honest with you, Mass Marketing is not for everyone.

Mass Marketing requires an initial investment in software, domains and web hosting, as well as consistency and patience.

The software I recommend is Cliff Carrigan’s Organic Traffic Platform (OTP).

Click here to Check Out Organic Traffic Platform

OTP is a Windows-based software that enables you to quickly produce tens of thousands pages of content by simply supplying a few primary keywords, some longtail keywords and your target URL.

All of this content is configured to redirect to the URL of your choosing…which could be an affiliate link, rotator link or link to your main website.

The OTP version I linked to above is called OTP – Static Swarm, but when you buy it you actually get access to a ton of Cliff’s software, including the latest evolution of his OTP software called OTP – Hybrid.

Where Static Swarm only produces HTML pages, OTP – Hybrid creates both HTML pages and WordPress posts/pages that link to your static pages in order to help get all of your content indexed more effectively.

And as I mentioned above, when you pick up OTP – Static Swarm you get access to Cliff’s complete set of software tools that will help you get the most from your OTP networks.

You also get access to Cliff’s private forum and private Discord group where questions can be answered and tons of training is available.

Cliff’s team is even doing periodic webinars where they dig deeper into how to best utilize the OTP software and the Mass Marketing method!

In addition to Cliff’s software you also need to register domains to be used within your mass marketing network.

In most cases, it is recommended that you buy between 5 – 10 domains to be used in your traffic network. These domains will only be used for hosting the OTP content and not for your main website or other offers.

I highly recommend using NameSilo to register your domains because they offer free lifetime WHOIS privacy to protect your domains from snoopers.

Click Here To Register Your Domains With NameSilo

The third thing you need is multiple hosting accounts for your sites.

Why do you need multiple hosting accounts?

Because you need to diversify your IP footprint so that all of your OTP sites are not seen coming from one IP. If Google sees that it will adversely affect your indexing and rankings.

The hosting recommended by Cliff and his team is Hosixy.

Hosixy offers low-cost shared hosting plans that work beautifully with OTP, and you can request that they put your hosting accounts on separate IP networks to get the IP diversity you need.

Click Here To Check Out Hosixy

The last thing you may want to invest in is Marty Bostick’s OTP Case Studies.

One of the biggest challenges with Mass Marketing is NOT OVER-COMPLICATING IT.

The training provided is great at giving you guidance on how to use the software and setup your campaigns, but Marty has taken the time to document his complete thought process for designing and building OTP networks.

Marty has been a beta tester and power user of Cliff’s OTP software since its inception, so he knows exactly how to design and build these organic traffic networks.

He includes several case studies that are making him consistent money in several different niches.

If you decide to go down the Mass Marketing road…I highly recommend you pick up Marty’s Case Studies so that you avoid some of the newbie mistakes I (and many others) made when we first got started.

Click Here To Check Out Marty’s OTP Case Studies

The final two things you need if you decide to try Mass Marketing is consistency and patience.

One of the mantra’s with OTP is to always be building.

Cliff’s OTP software makes Mass Marketing highly automated but you still have to spend time researching your keywords and building out your hosting/WordPress infrastructure.

You should make sure your OTP software is always building so that you can build out huge organic traffic networks that drive massive traffic to your offers/sites.

And lastly…and most important of all…you have to be patient.

Getting Google to index a single video or web page is one thing, allowing time for Google to index tens of thousands of pages takes time.

In many cases, it can take a few weeks (or longer) before you start seeing organic traffic flow through your networks.

You have to keep the long game in mind…be patient with indexing and always be building.

As I mentioned above, Mass Marketing is not for everyone.

But, I hope this post helps you understand what Mass Marketing is and how you can get started with it…if you so choose.

I plan to share some of my results in future posts.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below…

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