How To Save Money On Your Domain Name Purchases

In my last post I talked about Gene Pimentel’s awesome domain flipping course, Domain Profits Boss.

In his Master Domaining training (a highly recommended upgrade to Domains Profit Boss) Gene gives several tips on how to save money when buying domain names.

Below is one of one of those tips…

One of the best ways to save on domain names is to use either GoDaddy or Namecheap to register your domains.


Because those are two of the most recognized domain registrars and they are running specials all the time.

And the simplest way to save on your domain purchases from these sites is to use a FREE browser extension called Honey.

Honey works in all of the most popular web browsers…Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Simply install Honey and when you hit the check out page in GoDaddy or Namecheap let Honey try the latest coupons and give you the best price.



Once Honey has tried all the coupons it shows you how much you’ve saved.


It’s that simple!

Look at the final price on this domain purchase…


Now image buying a domain for $1.17 and then flipping it for $125…that’s a $123.83 profit!

The cool thing about Honey is that it works at tons of online stores, which means you can save money all over the Internet on all kinds of stuff.

It’s addictive to see how much money you can save!

Ready to save money?

Grab Gene’s Domain Profits Boss and Master Domaining training and then save money on your domain purchases with Honey!

Let me know how much save in the comments…

*Note – Links in this post are affiliate links.

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