Social Media Management a Cruel Joke?

Offering social media management services can be a cruel joke…

Unless you know how to make money from it!

Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis, local consultants out in Maui Hawaii, and their students have been killing it with a system they’ve worked out to deliver social media management to local businesses.

Some of their students with no previous experience are signing $750+ clients using their techniques.

They’re revealing exactly how they’re doing it (and you can too) with the launch of Social Sumo.

Inside this new training you’ll discover:

**Why This Local Service is RED HOT Now

**#1 Reason Businesses Sign Up for the service

**”The Talk” that sells the service

**Ten Most Important, Easily Overlooked Selling Angles

**Don’t step in it! Biggest Mistakes To Avoid.

**Creating The Most attractive Service Packages(sample packages)

**The Right Pricing Model (sample pricing template)

**And much, much more…


They’re including a ton of templates, worksheet, and anything else you’ll need to succeed. Including a custom authority social agency theme they developed to help give you instant credibility with prospects and clients.

The theme comes with complete DFY social media agency content and looks amazing.

Check Out Social Sumo Now

To start they’re pricing it crazy low and that includes the custom authority social media agency website!

Questions? Leave a comment below…

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