How To Get Unstuck And Start Really Making Money Online in 2019

With only a few weeks left in 2018 I want to ask you a few questions…

How was your 2018?

Did you achieve your goals?

Did you attain the level of success you were striving for this year?

Did you make the kind of money online that you were hoping to earn in 2018?

If you answered “No” to any of these do you know why you missed the mark?

I can honestly answer that I have a few “No’s”.

NO I didn’t attain the success I was striving for and NO I didn’t make the amount of money online I was hoping to earn.

Where I think I went wrong is I got stuck when it came to two critically important aspects of my online business…

  1. Consistently growing and nurturing my email list(s)
  2. Creating my own products

I started the year with sales funnels that were going to help me grow my lists, but I abandoned them and ended up going back to more familiar, less predictable methods of income generation like product reviews.

And though I’ve had a couple of product ideas this year, I’ve been unable to force myself to either start them or see them through to completion.

In fact, I can remember a Saturday where I had planned to knock out a full video course, but instead I wasted the day watching Netflix.

Am I the only one? Or, can you relate?

Do you feel like your stuck and can’t seem to see your way forward?

Are you concerned, as you see people on Facebook posting about their detailed plans for 2019, that your 2019 will be no better than your 2018?

If so, I want to recommend an excellent resource that will help you:

  • Learn the truth about succeeding online from a 20+ year marketing veteran
  • Focus on the few things that really matter
  • Discover which tools you really need (much less than you think)
  • Pick a guaranteed smoking hot money niche
  • Create multiple types of products fast
  • Much, much more!

It’s called Get Unstuck and the video on the next page will explain everything…

Click Here to Get Unstuck (Watch the Video)

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below…

*Note – The above link is an affiliate link. If you decide to buy Andy’s Get Unstuck I will receive a commission.


How To Make Money With Facebook Groups

Yep, I said it…it’s possible make money with Facebook Groups.

Even with its recent data breach and Zuckerberg’s interesting testimony before Congress, there’s no denying that Facebook is still the 800-pound dominant social media gorilla that has no equal.

And whether it’s Facebook pages, Facebook ads, the Facebook news feed or Facebook groups…there are people that have cracked the code and are making killer money every day with Facebook.

One of those people, David Fearon, has cracked the code for creating active buyer Facebook groups in all kinds of niches.

David has been using his simple, yet effective method for over a year now and is consistently making money from his Facebook groups every day.

David released the first edition of his Instant Social Profits course last year and it was outstanding.

Well, David has refined his process even further and is back with Instant Social Profits 2.0, which takes you by the hand and gives you everything you need to start creating and profiting from Facebook groups.

Look at what my buddy Fred Ferguson had to say…

I just went through David’s “Instant Social Profits 2.0” course which was no small feat because this bitch is a monster, and it’s even better than his first course was.

Wow, you guys know what I mean when I tell you…there are a lot of guru pretenders online today who talk a good game about all the money that they’re going to show you how to make online if you’ll buy their thing…who don’t make a freaking dime online from what they’re going to tell you to do. 🤥

You probably already know David Fearon is not that guy but I’m going to reiterate… he’s the real deal in this arena…and his FB Groups training was and continues to be “LIFE CHANGING FOR ME” he walks his talk and if you will just do what he tells you to do, which MOST FOLKS WILL NOT, because they are lazy and want money for nothing…

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO MAKE JOB REPLACEMENT INCOME with Instant Social Profits 2.0 in your corner! ‘No brainer’.

I’ve watched Fred build some great Facebook groups over the past year using David’s teaching.

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with Facebook, Instant Social Profits 2.0 can help you build assets within Facebook that can quickly provide you with extra income.

Check Out Instant Social Profits 2.0 Now

One thing to keep in mind is that David is only opening this course for 7 days. And he has made it clear that this is no false scarcity…he absolutely plans to close the doors at the end of 7 days.

Questions? Simply leave them in the comments below…

*Note – The above link is an affiliate link.


A Special Blowout Sale

I just caught wind of a pretty amazing deal from a very successful marketer.

Paul Nicholls has slapped PLR rights on 37 of his training courses and is selling the entire bundle for less than $35 (at the time of this writing).

For most of the courses he’s including his sales and download pages. (Though it’s recommended you create your own and use these for inspiration.)

Not only is this a great deal for learning, it’s a great deal for earning!

Check Out Paul’s Massive PLR Blowout

*Note – This is not a done-for-you system. You’ll have to download the courses and sales pages and then decide how you want to market and deliver them.

A couple of ideas…

1. Use the materials to create your own sales funnel. Offer one or two courses on the front-end with an upgrade to 5 courses. Model simple download pages after Paul’s pages.

2. Use Passive Income Machine (one of the included courses) to learn how to package the courses into a membership site and drip feed one course per month.

That’s over 3 years worth of content!

No matter what, don’t buy this unless you will put it to work for you.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below…

Why I Love “Done For You” Content and Why You Should Too

If you’ve haven’t noticed, I love Done For You (DFY) content…


Because it removes one of the biggest hurdles many people face when trying to make money online…content creation!

Done for you content enables you to quickly get emails, blog posts, videos and more live on the Internet without spending the time to actually create it.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t spend a little time editing it, but the time it takes to tweak an email or article is FAR LESS than the time it takes to think it up yourself.

Consider this…

DFY emails, like David’s swipes, can give you a year’s worth of emails to load into your email autoresponder with only a few hours of work.

DFY articles, like Joe’s articles, can give you 2-3 months worth of blog content that can be tweaked and scheduled within a lunch hour.

And DFY videos and review sites, like the ones Steve Chase released today, can easily be edited and uploaded while you watch your favorite shows on TV.

What I really like about Steve’s product is that he’s combined 2 DFY elements (video + website) to create a complete affiliate marketing system.

Look at what’s included…

  • 4 videos for each of the 5 products covered (20 videos total)
  • 1 multi-page HTML website for EACH of the 5 products (5 total sites)
  • Training on how to setup the videos and sites

Your first question might be…what 5 products will you be promoting?

All of the products are high-converting Clickbank products…

  1. (202.87 Gravity)
  2. His Secret Obsession (108.17 Gravity)
  3. The Red Tea Detox (169.87 Gravity)
  4. Ted’s Woodworking (125.58 Gravity)
  5. Unlock Your Hip Flexors (131.42 Gravity)

*Gravity is Clickbank’s ranking system for how well a product is selling. The higher the number the better.

What do you have to do to get Steve’s DFY content up and running?

This is what you need to do to get this DFY content on the web and position yourself to make money…

  • Brand the videos Steve supplies (Steve shows you how to do this)
  • Grab your affiliate links from Clickbank (register for a free account if needed)
  • Buy web hosting (if you don’t have it already – I recommend Hosixy)
  • Edit the website and add your affiliate links (Steve shows you how to do this too)
  • Drive traffic (YouTube or social media or blog posts or paid traffic)

Although this may seem like a lot if you’re just starting out online, imagine having to do all of this AND create the videos, write the articles and design the websites as well.

Steve’s done for you content has given you a massive head start!

And if you look at this and feel like you just can’t do it…

Steve has an optional upgrade where he will DO THE SETUP FOR YOU!

If you’ve been thinking about getting into affiliate marketing OR are already doing it and looking for a streamlined way to get more “hooks in the water”…

Check Out Steve’s DFY Complete Affiliate System

Questions? Leave a comment below…

Four Quick Tips To Help You Save Money On Internet Marketing Products

How many times per day do you get pitched by Internet Marketers about the latest and greatest software or make money online method?

Well, whether you’ve bought one or two or fifty IM products there’s a very good chance that you see a TON OF THEM every day!!

Here are four quick tips to help you save money on your Internet Marketing purchases…

Tip One: Unsubscribe, Unfriend & Unfollow Are Your Friends

Marketing emails and posts are geared to get you to do one thing…click the link!

The hope is that you’ll be so enamored by the slick sales pages, convincing reviews or huge bonus packages that you’ll pull out your credit card or sign in to your PayPal account and make a purchase (hopefully multiple purchases).

My number one tip and the best advise I can give you is to cut off the temptation at the first point of attack by unsubscribing, unfriending and unfollowing as many Internet Marketers as you can.

Only stay connected to marketers that you trust and that don’t promote crap products to you.

Tip Two: Check Your Wallet

Now this may seem obvious but believe me…it’s not!

Ask yourself…”Self, do I have the money to pay for this?”

If the answer is NO…do not get a new credit card or borrow from your parents or steal it from your significant other.

Simply move on and go make some money!

Tip Three: Assess Your Business Needs

At this point, if you’ve followed tips 1 & 2 then your looking at an offer from a trusted marketer and you have the money to consider a purchase.

But, before you waste any time researching the product make sure that it CLEARLY ALIGNS with your business goals.

Ask yourself…

  1. Will this product/training save me significant time or money?
  2. Can I turn this product/training into a profitable income stream?

Be honest with yourself…some of us are pros at convincing ourselves we’re going to do something and then we do nothing (I know, the truth hurts…it’s OK…learn from it and move forward.)

Tip Four: Research The Product

OK, at this point you’re looking at an offer from a trusted marketer, you have the money to invest and the product aligns with your business goals…

Now it’s time to investigate further…

First, Google the product name + jv to find the JV page. On this page you’ll be able to learn more about the product, see the entire sales funnel, decipher what’s incentivizing the affiliates and learn about price rises, coupons and more.

It’s a great way to see inside of the product launch and know what to expect from upsells (and whether those countdown timers are giving you false scarcity or not).

Secondly, head over to YouTube and search for product name + review.

Now many of these review videos are crap. They are simply the sales video or demo video uploaded to YouTube and give you no insight into the product.

In most cases, videos that are 5-7 minutes or longer contain the info you want. (Honestly, as hard as I try, I am rarely able to do a quality product review that’s less than 10 minutes.)

Watch the video (use the speed control if you’re in a hurry) and decide which marketer you want to buy through based on the quality of review (and bonuses if you like).

Lastly, once you’re on the product sales page do your best to read it all the way through and take note of…

  1. What you get – features if software, lessons if training, bundled items if PLR.
  2. The Guarantee – how many days do you have to try the product before you’re stuck with it AND what are the terms for getting a refund? No questions asked? Proof that you tried the method and it didn’t work? It matters!

Bonus Tip: Buy A Bundle

My last tip for you is to watch for bundle deals because you can save a ton of money by buying a bundle of IM products.

In fact, one such bundle will be released around the Black Friday time frame and it’s going to be absolutely amazing.

Join This Facebook Group To Keep Up To Date On This Awesome Bundle Deal

I hope these 4 tips 5 tips help you save money on your Internet Marketing purchases and I wish you the best with your business!

What tips do you have for others? Leave them in the comments below…

Want To Tap Into A Niche With 1.2 Billion+ Users?

How would you like to tap into a niche that has 1.2 billion+ users in it?

Not only that…

The vast majority of these users are engaged with this particular niche every day.

Sound interesting?

The niche is the 1.2 billion+ users of Microsoft Office and more specifically the Microsoft Word sub-niche.

Think about it…

Millions of people use Microsoft Word every single day. It’s one of those ‘de facto’ standard apps that most everyone needs, from elementary school kids to grandmothers…

They all use Word and many of them need help learning it!

What if you could deliver the training?

What if you could provide a course that helps these users learn and get the most out of Microsoft Word?

You can!!

Two of my favorite PLR creators, Charles Harper and Jonathan Teng, have released a 20-part video training on using Microsoft Word.

This PLR bundle comes with everything you need to quickly start promoting a solution to this massive market.

  • 20-Part Result-Oriented Video Training
  • Conversion-Driven Sales Letter & Thank You Page
  • Hypnotic Sales Video Promo
  • ‘WOW’ Graphic Designs
  • High-Quality Audio Training
  • Much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to grab this amazing opportunity to tap into this 1.2 billion+ user niche…

Check Out This Awesome PLR Deal Today

Also, consider picking up the upgrade so you can deliver the advanced training to your buyers and increase your profit potential.

Questions? Leave them in the comments…

How To Get Your Internet Marketing Business Out Of A Rut

Is your Internet Marketing business currently stuck in a rut?

One of the biggest challenges many online entrepreneurs face is developing patterns that cause their businesses to fall into ruts.

You know, doing the same thing the same way over and over and expecting a different result.

Wait, isn’t that the definition of insanity?


When that “same thing” is producing good results it’s great.

But when it’s not, and you keep hammering away at it…

…things can get down right depressing!

Anyway, “business ruts” can cripple your business for a couple of reasons…

The most obvious reason is that if the method you’re using isn’t working you’re not making any money.

You end up with no money to pay bills, let alone put back into your business.

The result of not making money can lead to desperation, depression and taking risks or spending money you don’t have.

This ultimately cripples your business.

A couple words of advice from someone who has struggled with “ruts”…

First, if the methods you keep doing over and over again aren’t producing any results…STOP DOING THEM!

Failure is instructive but there are limits to how much it can teach.

Hear me though, what I’m not saying is to try a method once or twice and then give up and move on.

Give whatever method you’re using enough time for you to truly learn it and try it.

But, set a goal or time limit on it so you don’t simply nose dive into a rut.

Learn it, try it, tweak it, learn it some more, try it, tweak it…repeat until you reach your goal or the time limit you set has expired.

The simple reality is this…not all methods work for everyone…and it’s OK.

Secondly, if the methods you keep doing over and over only produce a small return…STOP DOING THEM!

This is where I see the most danger.

You follow a method and get excited about a little bit of return. 🙂

That little return is enough to motivate you to keep doing the same method over and over, not realizing that the method may never produce anything but that little return each time. (Believe me, I have been lost in this limbo many, many times.)

So how do you break out of these ruts?

I highly recommend that you surround yourself with like-minded individuals that have similar goals to yours.

A great way of doing this is through group coaching or by joining a mastermind group.


Because these types of training/mentoring groups are typically affordable and offer opportunities for you to engage with experts that can help you assess your efforts and course-correct when needed.

I have found that the feedback on ideas, answers to questions and the encouragement are priceless.

Below are a few group coaching/mastermind groups that I highly recommend based on experience I’ve had with each…

Internet Marketing Group Coaching/Mastermind

Society 11 – Society 11 is a membership run by Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley. Once inside you get access to IM software and Training that can help give you new ideas or methods for generating income online.

One of the most valuable benefits of Society 11 is the private Facebook group where you can engage with other online entrepreneurs, ask questions and learn about member-only discounts on products released by Society 11 members.

Click Here To Learn More About Society 11

Society 11 is a great group for intermediate to advanced marketers. Beginners can benefit from it, but I think the DAB Coaching is better suited for people just starting out.

DAB Group Coaching – DAB Group Coaching is group coaching run by 20-year digital marketing veterans, Barbara Ling and Dennis Becker.

I think this is the best group for beginners or people that have been struggling to build an online income.

Barb and Dennis take a very structured approach to group coaching with modules drip-fed to you daily so that you can slowly absorb the content and not get overwhelmed.

They also do live Ask-Me-Anythings as a forum for getting your questions answered.

What’s cool is that for a single dollar ($1) you can try DAB Group Coaching for 7 days to see if you like the teaching style, structure and value of the content.

Click Here To Start Your $1 Trial Of DAB Group Coaching

Local Marketing/SEO Mastermind

If you are interested in local marketing and specifically SEO, the Semantic Mastermind is the place to be…

Semantic Mastery Mastermind – The first mastermind I ever joined was with Semantic Mastery. This team of local marketers and SEO professionals deliver strategies and techniques unmatched in the local marketing space.

In fact, they continually discover and perfect SEO tactics that nobody else talks about.

This group is perfect for SEO beginners and SEO professionals.

In this mastermind you get access to their scheduled live mastermind trainings, past trainings, several of Semantic Mastery’s core courses and discounts on their high ticket courses and Serp Space services.

Click Here To Check Out Semantic Mastery’s Mastermind

Video Marketing Membership

Lastly, but absolutely not least…there’s an amazing membership for anyone interested in or working in video marketing…

It’s called Video Marketing Insider and it’s run by video marketing expert, Adam Payne.

Adam has focused almost entirely on video marketing and become one of the most well-respected video experts in Internet Marketing circles.

There is so much video marketing goodness inside of VMI it should be illegal.

Besides the training, you also get access to exclusive video marketing software and a private Facebook group.

Click Here to Check Out Video Marketing Insider

Whether you jump into any of these groups or not, I highly recommend that you seek out like-minded people to bounce ideas off of and help one another push forward to grow your online businesses.

Are you currently stuck in a rut?

Let me know in the comments…

My Single Worst Mistake In Internet Marketing

It seems that almost every day I see posts on Facebook from Internet Marketers that tell a sad story of how much they’ve spent on IM products and training…

…and in many cases have made little to no money online.

Unfortunately, I have my own sad stories of wasted money and time on software, methods and training that just flat out DO NOT WORK!

But, today I want to focus on the single worst mistake I’ve made…well, so far.

I’d been trying this online marketing thing for about a year and I was desperate to make it work.

I’d had some success, but nothing consistent and nothing that made a dent in my family’s expenses.

Out of desperation I hired an IM coach that I thought would take me by the hand and get me to my income goals.

The price tag…$5k!

Now maybe my expectations where a little out of whack, but for $5k I expected a lot and I was willing to put the time and energy in to making it happen.

Unfortunately, my coach was clearly not as invested as I was.

The promised training was never completed and honestly…the one-on-one coaching I did receive was average at best, and not of much more value than some of the $7 products available today.

I’d like to say I raised hell and got my money back.

I didn’t.

I signed a contract saying I wouldn’t and that I wouldn’t name names.

Like I said, it’s the single worst mistake I’ve made in IM.

To top it off, I helped my coach on a product launch and never got paid my share because PayPal locked his account after complaints about the product.

Did I mention…this is the single worst mistake I’ve made in IM?

So why am I sharing my embarrassingly sad story with you?

Because I don’t want you to make the same mistake I did!

If you’ve been trying to make money online for a while and are starting to feel yourself reach a point of desperation…

…take a break…for as long as you need to…and please don’t act out of emotion and desperation.

If you want help, consider much more affordable “coaching” options…

Like group coaching from Barb Ling and Dennis Becker,

or quality IM memberships like Andy Brocklehurst and Curt Crowley’s Society 11.

Both of these are very affordable and offer a wealth of guidance, tools and group interactions that can help you get on track to your online goals.

And if you don’t mind sharing…

Let me know in the comments what your worst “make money online” mistake has been…



Final Day…You’re Last IM Purchase of the Year

Just wanted to create a quick post to remind everyone that TODAY is the last day to pick up The Pile On Project.

In fact you only have…

…to grab this AMAZING deal!

Reminder of what you are getting…

59 Products ranging in value from $7 – $650 for the low price of $37.11!

Products like…

– In-Depth SEO Audit ($650 value)
– StoryVideo Complete ($149 value)
– App Box Studio Business Plus – Lifetime Access ($441 value)
– 1 Full Year of ChromiCode Developer ($239.40 value)
– Software Product Magic Enterprise Edition – Lifetime Access ($497 value)

And 54 other great products!

What you’re not getting…

Added to 40 vendors’ lists automatically.

You’re only added to a vendor’s email list if you register for their product. And
even then, you can always unsubscribe any time you like…including right away!

If you haven’t taken a few moments to see ALL of the great products included
with The Pile On Project I highly recommend that you do…

Click Here To Check Out The Pile On Project

It might end up being your last Internet Marketing purchase of the year!

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below…

Start Your Online Business Today

If you’re like me, you dream of being your your own boss and making a solid income online.

In fact, I work hard at it every day!

One of the ways I’m building my online business is by partnering with Builderall to use and promote their platform.

Builderall is getting ready to do a huge launch on July 27.

Yesterday they held a webinar where they talked about the AMAZING enhancements they’re adding to the platform, and how NOW is the time to partner with them to take advantage of the BUZZ that will be created in late July, August and September.

If you’ve dreamed of building something of your own that can give you the freedom you want in life…

Watch The Replay Now

Questions? Leave a comment below…