Google’s New Speed Update is Your Perfect Foot-in-the-door!

If your main business (or side hustle) is providing web or marketing services to local businesses…listen up…

Big G has given you an amazing present to kick off 2019!

Many local marketers struggle to find clients.

They try all kinds of methods to get their foot-in-the-door…some work great and some flat out fail.

And part of the problem is finding a unique method…something every other local marketer is NOT doing.

So how would you like to have access to something UNIQUE?

Two of my favorite local marketers, Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis have teamed up with another extremely successful local marketer, Paul James, to deliver a training/software combo that is truly amazing.

A software that’s able to find the perfect leads for your business!

This past July, Google quietly rolled out what they call their ‘Speed Update.’ This effects any business looking to show up in Google’s mobile search results.

According to Google’s own data, 40% of searches contain ‘Local Intent,’ so this new update has huge potential to impact local businesses in your area with slow loading sites.

And with the average load time of most websites being over 15 seconds, we feel pretty safe saying this an issue for your potential clients.

Bottom line…

No business wants their site labeled as ‘slow’ by Google and not show in search results when new customers are looking for their solution!

With Site Speed Profits, you can BE the solution to this new roadblock from Google!

You can offer the perfect fix-it service and be a hero by learning how to help small businesses speed up their sites, which will help them with their search rankings and overall user experience.

Nick, Tom, and Paul use Google’s speed update as the perfect foot-in-the-door to land new clients and deliver speed optimization for $97 to $297 per client.

Inside ‘Site Speed Profits’ you’ll discover:
– Why this is a HUGE advantage for you and how to make money with it
– How to easily fulfill this service yourself or have it completely outsourced (they reveal the actual outsourcer they use for their clients).
– Case Study by Nick Ponte showing how to easily close deals for $297 and up.
– You get one year of access to their custom ‘Speed Sniffer’ software. This is the only software that allows you to easily find prospects, run multiple speed tests, publish client getting reports, and email these prospects directly from the software!

I’m a huge fan of Tom and Nick’s and have profited from Paul’s training and software as well.

If you’d like a unique way to land new local clients…I recommend you check out Site Speed Profits!

Click Here to Learn More About Site Speed Profits

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How To Find A Niche That Can Actually Make You Money

One of the challenges when you get started in Internet marketing is finding a niche.

There are thousands upon thousands of niches, which makes choosing one a bit confusing.

To make it worse, one expert tells you to choose something you have a passion for and another one tells you to pick your niche based on a niche’s popularity (or how in-demand it is).

The truth…

They’re both right!

The best thing to do is pick a niche that is in-demand AND that you have some interest in. That way you will enjoy the work of building content for the niche and also have a solid chance of making money at it.

But how do you go about finding profitable niches?

Matt Garrett has developed a nifty tool that helps you find profitable niches and gives you a plan of attack for dominating that niche.

It’s called Niche Reaper.

Niche Reaper is a cloud-based software that is constantly evaluating and adding qualified buyer keywords to its huge database every few minutes.

What makes up a qualified buyer keyword?

Search Volume – The first criteria is that the keyword has to have 200 or more searches per month.

Cost Per Click Value – The second criteria is that the keyword has to have a minimum CPC of at least $0.25.

Commercial Intent – The final criteria is the keyword phrase must have a commercial intent score of at least 25 or higher.

Only keyword phrases that meet this strict set of criteria are added to the database.

So how do you search through the almost 2 Million keyword database?

It’s easy…

Niche Reaper gives you a set of filters that you can easily tweak to get only the results you want.


In the above screenshot I filtered by:

Difficulty less than or equal to 40, Search Volume greater than or equal to 1000, and number of words greater than or equal to 4. That yielded over 8500 results.

Obviously, I needed to filter down even more. So I added a keyword of “dog”.


That yielded 176 results.

As you can see, Niche Reaper is giving me valuable data about keyword phrases I can target in the dog niche.

The best thing about what Matt’s done with Niche Reaper is that on top of the software that is constantly adding data, he has also included 18 training videos on how to utilize the data Niche Reaper provides.

Everything from setting up a simple blog to press release marketing, article marketing and social marketing.

Niche Reaper is definitely a tool that is best seen in action…

Click Here to Watch The Full Demo Video

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Just Follow The System

Ever feel like week after week you do the same things…that produce little results?

If so, today is a great time to change things up.

Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to Jeanne and Sue, two local marketing experts who have been serving clients since 2010.

When most people their age are thinking of retiring – they’re ReFiring!

They’re managing DOZENS of clients, and even turning some business away (more on their client-getting tactics later).

They’re in a position to only accept the kind of clients who are a joy to work with and pay well.

It wasn’t always this way – in fact, the first few years found them BURIED in work and trying to keep up with all the moving pieces of managing a growing agency.

You know the cycle – accepting any clients to keep income going, and then spending WAY too much time fulfilling…all the while not leaving much time for prospecting.

Some have called it the CYCLE OF DOOM!

It has been said that insanity is doing the same things while expecting different results.

Well…Jeanne and Sue KNEW they weren’t insane, so they decided to STOP the cycle and put some systems in place.

They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams!

They are now each managing dozens of clients in just a few hours a day.

How, you ask?

Just click on the link below and get a peek at those systems that they’re now sharing with all of us.

Check Out Jeanne and Sue’s Local Client Systems

Nothing is left out – you get the whole enchilada!

Look at what some of the beta testers had to say…

“As someone looking to get into local marketing, I found this course to be the paint by numbers system that I was looking for.” – Jay (not me)

“I have been handling local clients for some years now, helping with web presence, reputation, website design. After going through this course, I wpndered how I could manage without this vital information.” – Garey

“The sample documents/proposals/forms are worth the price of admission alone!” – Christopher

That’s some impressive feedback!

What do you think?

Are you ready to change up things this week?

If so, click the link below to see whether Jeanne and Sue’s blueprints can be your blueprint to success.

Grab Jeanne and Sue’s Blueprints To Systematize Your Local Marketing Business

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FREE YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet

I’ve got a special surprise for you today…

As you know, just about everyone is talking about video marketing these days…

The only problem is virtually no one actually tells you what you need to do to get RESULTS…


I’ve just come across this AWESOME YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet that’s jam packed with a ton of simple and actionable tricks you can implement immediately to boost your rankings with video…

And the best part is it’s TOTALLY FREE….

If you want to drive traffic with video, this YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet can really help you out…

You can get it here:

Grab it, and then leave a comment telling me your favorite tip…

How To Legally Steal Your Competition’s Traffic

What if I told you there is a way to legally steal your competition’s website traffic?

How, you might ask?

By using a new tool called Rival Keywords that finds what keywords your competition is ranking for so that you can tweak your website/blog to OUTRANK them and steal their traffic.

Check out this demo from the developer Abbas Ravji…

Isn’t that AWESOME!

You can run a couple of searches and instantly you will know which keywords to target with your website copy or blog post.

Click here to learn more about Rival Keywords

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SEO PowerSuite Summer Sale 2018

Despite reports that SEO (search engine optimization) is dead…the reality is that it is very much alive and is still one of the best long-term strategies for driving traffic to your website, ecom store or blog.

In order to dig in and get the best result from your SEO efforts you need a great set of tools.

And although there are quite a lot of SEO tools on the market, and it’s really hard to choose the one that will help you with your daily site promotion activities.

One of the best SEO tool suites available is SEO PowerSuite from the team over at LinkAssistant.

I’ve used SEO PowerSuite for several years now and it is a very powerful tool set!

Let me give you details…

– It’s been on the market for 12 years now, so many people have been successfully using it for years to promote their sites online. Quite a term to prove the software is a strong player!

– SEO PowerSuite is a complete toolset for search engine optimization. It consists of 4 tools: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant.


Let’s take a look at each of the tools that are included in SEO PowerSuite…

Rank Tracker


Rack Tracker is my favorite tool in the whole bundle. Basically, it is keyword research and rank checking software, yet it has so many hidden gems that you can’t get enough of it.

Rank Tracker features:

– keyword research with 17 advanced methods

– rank checks in 400+ search engines

– unlimited keywords, unlimited sites

– traffic stats next to ranking data

– local search results

– universal search results

– fabulous reporting

Basically, here’s how your Rank Tracker’s workspace will look like:

As you can see, there’s a special metric, Keyword Efficiency Index (KEI), which helps you figure out how good your keywords are.

Along with the KEI data, you can see how many organic Visits you can expect if you rank for this keyword. This way, you won’t go blind with your organic strategy but rather know what to expect from your SEO efforts.

The best part is you can watch your ranking progress for a specific keyword with a neat graph at the bottom of your workspace.

WebSite Auditor


WebSite Auditor is an indispensable tool for onpage SEO and site audit. It also does a lot of amazing things to make sure that your site is friendly to both users and search engines.

WebSite Auditor features:

  • checks if your website can be crawled and indexed
  • points to redirect issues and site encoding problems
  • finds all broken links
  • lets you polish on-page ranking factors
  • checks how well the content is optimized for SEO
  • manages sitemaps, robots.txt
  • creates professional site audit reports

Whether you site is old or new, well- or poorly-optimized, you absolutely need to run a health check for it with WebSite Auditor. The software will point out a huge number of issues to you. And when you have all these issues fixed, your site will work like a flawless system, which will also contribute to high rankings.

SEO SpyGlass


SEO SpyGlass is a powerful link research and link analysis tool. Unlike WebSite Auditor that handles the on-page side of things, SEO SpyGlass covers a variety of off-page aspects.

SEO SpyGlass features:

  • finds all external links a website has
  • gets data from hundreds of external data sources and a powerful internal link database
  • collects dozens of quality metrics for each link it finds
  • alarms you about dangerous links
  • generates professional backlink reports

As the name implies, site promoters use SEO SpyGlass to spy on their competitors and replicate their best SEO moves. It is as simple as that: with SEO SpyGlass you find out which links make your competitors powerful and follow their footsteps. I’m applying this strategy, and should testify it works.

Additionally, SEO SpyGlass can be used to keep track of links to your own sites. In the era of Pandas, Penguins and other quality updates from Google this becomes particularly important. In fact, with SEO SpyGlass you get a full list of links your website has and can see which ones are harmful, so you could get rid of them.



Last but not least, LinkAssistant is a link building and link management tool. It is perfect for link outreach and keeping all your link stats and link contacts in one place.

LinkAssistant features:

  • link suggestions with 6 powerful methods
  • immense outreach capabilities, including search for contacts and an in-built email client
  • link stats
  • link verification
  • link building reports

Apparently, LinkAssistant has been the first tool in the SEO PowerSuite series, and the developers created it 12 years ago, back then it was meant for the established SEO tactics of the day. Yet, it can still be used now to keep track of all your link contacts in one place and see if the links are still in place. Quite handy!

What are my overall thoughts on SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is very neatly designed. The button layout echoes the sequence of your SEO activities, which makes the software a no-brainer.

Unlike many competitors, SEO PowerSuite is a desktop tool, which gives you a number of advantages:

  • in terms of security, you have all your data stored right on your computer, so you don’t depend on 3rd party servers or risk losing valuable SEO data
  • in terms of data volumes, you can get way more with desktop software compared to online tools

If you’re a Mac user, you’ll be happy to find out that SEO PowerSuite is compliant with Mac OS X. Being cross-platform, the software also works on Windows and Linux.

Overall Grade

I absolutely love SEO PowerSuite. It is my most powerful weapon in getting the rankings I want for my websites.

Final words

As you can see, SEO PowerSuite is a fantastic tool for making your sites rank higher in Google search results. I personally use and recommend it, and right now they are having an amazing sale!

On May 15 you get 60% off, May 16 you get 55% off and May 17 you get 50% off.

Don’t hesitate. Get 60% off by grabbing your copy of SEO PowerSuite here today and don’t miss the deal!


Free SEO Training

Even with the plethora of free information on the Internet, finding solid information in a easily consumable way can be challenging.

That’s why I was excited to see that Yoast, one of the top WordPress SEO plugins on the planet, has released a FREE SEO for Beginners course.

Within the free training you’ll learn…

1. Introduction to SEO

2. The Content Side of SEO

3. The Technical Side of SEO

Don’t hesitate to jump in this free search engine optimization training.

Access Yoast’s Free SEO Training

Questions? Leave a comment…

Great Updates to a Free Keyword Tool

I received an email yesterday from Neil Patel that said…

I have some good news for you… I acquired Ubersuggest. 🙂

That was pretty cool news, but what made it even better was that Neil improved Ubersuggest!

Here’s how Neil made Ubersuggest better:

  1. There are more keyword suggestions (roughly by double)
  2. You now get Cost-Per-Click (CPC), competition and click data
  3. You can filter and export results with ease
  4. And best of all, it’s still free.

I shot a quick demo video of Ubersuggest that you can watch below…

Check out the new Ubersuggest free keyword tool by clicking here.