How To Learn WordPress 5.0 Quickly

WordPress 5.0 (aka Gutenberg) was recently released and brings with it a MAJOR change to the WordPress editor.

The WordPress editor is now a “block based” editor. It enables you to create awesome website layouts using blocks (kind of like Divi and Elementor).

The new editor gives you the ability to move the blocks around and the blocks can contain text, images, audio, photo gallery, media, lists, buttons and more.

Needless to say, this is a MAJOR change for WordPress 5 and may take some time to get used to it.

One way to get up to speed quickly is to grab a course designed to teach you all about WordPress 5 and the new editor.

My buddy, Charles Harper and his partner Jonathan Teng created a brand-new 20-video course all about WordPress 5.0 entitled Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0.

Check out all the info included…


Right now you can grab it for a HUGE discount…

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How To Create A Squeeze Page In WordPress In Less Than 5 Minutes

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One of the fundamental tasks every online marketer/blogger/e-commerce owner should be doing is building an email list.

If I had one piece of advise to give someone starting out online it would be…focus on building your email list.

The second thing would be to nurture that list so that they know, like and trust you and your recommendations.

If you have that, you are well on your way to being successful online.

But, creating squeeze pages (AKA optin pages) can be a bit tedious…especially when using WordPress.

Many times you have to find a theme that supports a full page layout and then figure out how to integrate your autoresponder form code.

Well today I want to show you a quick way to create squeeze pages in WordPress using a very simple fill-in-the-blank plugin called WP Squeezer.

WP Squeezer makes creating professional-looking optin pages a breeze.

Watch this video to see how simple it is…

WP Squeezer is an awesome plugin that makes creating squeeze pages simple.

And, for a limited time you can get Tommy’s WP Bridger plugin for free as a bonus.

This offer expires on Saturday, Dec. 15th…so don’t miss out on getting 2 excellent WordPress plugins for the price of 1.

Grab WP Squeezer Today

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Are You Happy With Your Web Hosting?

One of the most foundational aspects of running a business online is having fast, reliable web hosting. is a great place to start, but eventually you will find that having your own hosting affords you more flexibility and growth potential.

(Side note – this blog will be moving to it’s own hosting in January. All my other sites are run on hosting other than

There are thousands of web hosting companies to chose from, which means just about everyone has an opinion about who is the best…and worst.

Usually that opinion is formed based on one’s experience with a given hosting company, and can vary from month to month.

When I got started online I signed up with a fairly well-known hoster on one of their special entry-level, low-cost plans.

Performance was average and reliability was OK.

When the renewal fees hit…oh, boy…things got expensive real quick!

I went from paying a reasonable fee for basic hosting to paying premium-level prices for basic hosting.

And this is the tactic used by MANY hosting companies…get you in cheap and then bank on your hesitation to move.

Needless to say, I eventually forced myself to migrate from that hoster to one that offered a more reasonable price-performance ratio and that I knew wouldn’t hit me with exorbitant renewal fees.

That hoster is Light Speed and they are offering an incredible deal right now…

You can get 3 years of quality web hosting for the price of 1!

Here’s all the features you get:

  • Domains Allowed – Unlimited
  • Free SSL – Unlimited
  • Disk Space – Unmetered
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered
  • 24/7/365 Support – YES!
  • Backups via cPanel – YES!
  • 99.9% Uptime – YES!
  • Free/Instant Setup – YES!
  • Subdomains – YES!
  • FTP Accounts – YES!
  • WordPress – ABSOLUTELY!
  • Much, Much More!!

On top of the excellent 3-for-1 web hosting deal, they are also throwing in some great sign-up bonuses like:

  • Site Speed Secrets Guide PLUS Video Upgrade
  • Boost Your Website Traffic Guide
  • On-Page SEO Blueprint
  • Many More!

One of the coolest things about this deal is that Light Speed recognizes that many people are stuck in current hosting contracts so they’re doing this (taken right from the sales page)…

WAIT!!! You’re Probably Thinking…
“This sounds great, but I already HAVE hosting!”
You can see this is a great deal, but there’s a problem:

You already have a contract with another hosting company.


Your three years of hosting can start at ANY time.

The clock does not start ticking when you purchase, it starts when you activate your account!

Use it now, or 6 months in the future, or even years from now.

It’s ok. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

We aren’t going anywhere, we have tens of thousands of customers to serve!

Isn’t that awesome? Buy now…activate when you’re ready!

If you’re ready to take the next step with your WordPress hosting or you’re just unhappy with your current web hosting provider…

Jump On This Amazing Deal Before It Disappears

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Building A Business On WordPress

Are you still struggling to get your online business off the ground?

If so, chances are it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of hyped up products out there promising overnight riches, so-called one-click software’s which bring in leads and sales on autopilot.

Here are the facts about having real success online.

Yes, marketers can make thousands per day or more without working much, sales can come in while you sleep and becoming an online marketer can be the most rewarding job in the world, in so many ways…once you’re successful.

But here’s what nearly every successful online marketer has and usually starts with…

A Blog – The foundation of every online business.

That’s why this email is so important and relevant if you’re still struggling online.

Kevin Fahey who is one of the best teachers in the online space has released a new set of checklists and training videos showing you from start to finish how to Build A Business On WordPress.

Included is 18 detailed checklists providing you with all the knowledge you need from setup, content, traffic and most important earning with your WordPress blog.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Things to Know Before Making a Website on WordPress
  2. Installing WordPress from the Start
  3. Installing and Configuring a Theme on WordPress
  4. Installing and Configuring WordPress Plugins
  5. Styling WordPress
  6. Widgets and Menus on WordPress
  7. Tracking and Analytics for WordPress
  8. Create your First Blog Post On WordPress
  9. Creating and Setting up the WordPress Homepage
  10. WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  11. Linking, Testing and Optimization
  12. Guest Posting
  13. WordPress Comments
  14. WordPress Security
  15. Integrating Social Media
  16. Making Money From Your Blog
  17. Sending Emails Via WordPress
  18. Final WordPress Checklist

The cool part about these checklists is that they come with PLR rights…which means you can sell this for 100% profit to your audience.

Kevin is one of the good guys in Internet Marketing and always over delivers with his products.

Check Out Building A Business On WordPress Today

* Please note, the special pricing on this is only available for a few days.

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How To Create A Ton Of Content Quickly

The other day I revealed the Internet’s Dirty Little Content Secret and revealed one way of producing a lot of content quickly and easily.

Today I want to share another method for generating a ton of content quickly…

You may or may not have heard of it…

It’s called content spinning and it is a very effective way to create content fast.

Content spinning is done with software and special syntax that helps vary words, sentences and even entire paragraphs.

Here’s an example…
John can relax and read a book because his kids can book the vacation for him.
Once it’s booked, he will enjoy an excellent movie and drink wine, beer, or whiskey.

Since his kids can easily schedule the vacation for him, John can read a book and unwind.
He will definitely enjoy an impressive film and drink draught beer, whiskey, or red wine once it’s reserved.

Not bad, right?

This content will pass Copyscape and will not cause any so-called “duplicate content” issues.

The best part about spun content is that it is very easy and quick to create…when you have the right tool.

My content spinning tool of choice is Spin Rewriter.

In fact, I’ve been using Spin Rewriter since 2014 and been a Gold member since 2015!

Any time I need to produce content variations or simply need some fresh content I head over to Spin Rewriter and simply knock it out.

And the best part, every year Spin Rewriter gets more advanced under the hood so that the spun content reads as natural as possible.

The team over at SmileyTech just released Spin Rewriter version 9 and it’s better than ever!

Right now you can try Spin Rewriter FREE for 5 days.

Click Here To Start Your Spin Rewriter 5-day Free Trial

I think once you see how easy Spin Rewriter is to use and how quickly you can create content with it…you’ll be hooked!

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The Internet’s Dirty Little Content Secret

The Internet has a dirty little secret…read on to learn what it is…

The Internet is comprised of and driven by one thing…CONTENT.

Whether you’re a marketer, a business owner, an affiliate marketer, an entertainer or a blogger…

Content Rules the Internet!

But not just any content…more specifically…QUALITY CONTENT!

Creating quality written content is time consuming and to be honest…

…some of us hate writing and are not very good at it…and it’s OK.

But what do you do if you don’t like to write, don’t have time to write or you simply stink at writing?

You still need content, right?

Shhh…let me open your eyes to the Internet’s dirty little secret…

Many successful marketers and bloggers don’t write their own content…they buy it.

Oh snap…the cat is out of the bag…you’ve done it now Jay!

That’s right, many successful online personalities buy content and then make slight tweaks to it to make it “their voice”.

And you know what…it’s OK.

Successful people learn that they can’t do everything, ether because of time or talent. They learn to outsource so they can focus their strengths on growing their business.

So where do you buy quality content?

Though there are a number of sites online where you can pay to get stuff written, I want to help you get the most bang for your buck.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce you to Joe Dube.

Joe is an experienced writer that has spent the last year focusing his writing in the digital marketing arena.

What Joe has put together is quite incredible…

Over sixteen thousand words of premium unique content.

But that’s not the best part…

Joe has already done the hard work of breaking down the content for you.

First, the core content is represented in 30 articles…

Second, Joe has broken down that same content into 60 emails…

And lastly, Joe has broken down that same content into 90 Facebook posts.

Isn’t that awesome?

One of the most tedious parts of dealing with done-for-you content is trying to figure out how to break it down into bite-size chunks to use in your blog posts, emails and social media posts.

Joe has done this boring, tedious work for you!

Not only that, Joe is including a bonus where he shares his best tips for getting reaction and engagement online with this content.

I’m so excited about Joe’s release that I’ve put together a huge content marketing-focused bonus package to help you get the most out of Joe’s content.

Click Here To Learn About Joe’s DFY Content And See My Bonuses

Tired of writing? Stink at writing? Or, simply want to focus on other aspects of your online business?

I highly encourage you to check out what Joe has put together and put the Internet’s dirty little secret to work for you. 🙂

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How To Grow Your Audience By Turning Your Posts Into Videos

At some point in time you made a decision to start blogging.

You did a little research and decided to create your blog on or Blogger or Tumblr…or maybe you were feeling adventurous and setup a self-hosted WordPress site.

You then began to pour your heart into writing about your given interest(s)…cooking, fitness, skateboarding, fishing, marriage, money or one of a billion other possible topics.

You received your first comment and then a share on social media and slowly but surely your audience began to grow.

And then it happened…

Video killed the blogging star!

Video began to take over the Internet and watching videos on YouTube began to usurp your audience’s attention.

Have you noticed it?

I have.

What do you do?

How can you compete when you don’t know anything about making videos and have no desire to be on camera?

I have a simple solution for you…

Turn your blog posts into engaging videos!

It’s a lot easier than you think when you use Content Samurai.

Watch this demo to learn how…

How easy was that?

Content Samurai has become my “go to” tool for quick and easy video creation and they keep making it better and better.

The company behind Content Samurai, Noble Samurai, has been around for about 10 years and they stand behind their products 100%.

For less than a fancy meal every month you can get access to Content Samurai and use it to turn your blog posts into engaging videos that can be used to start a YouTube channel or simply used on your blog as an alternative way to consume your content.

Want to learn more about Content Samurai?

Click Here To See The Latest Deal On Content Samurai

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How To Protect Your WordPress Pages & Posts

No matter how you use WordPress there almost always comes a time where you would like to lock down a page or post so that only certain people can view it.

I do this with the bonus pages I create on my main review site, Rave Review.

It’s actually really easy to do when you have the right tool.

And right now, the plugin I use on the Rave Review site is on a 26 hour special for over 50% off.

Watch this…

If you’re looking for a simple way to lock down WordPress pages & posts, WP Rapid Protect is the tool for the job!

Check Out WP Rapid Protect

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More Results Are In…

One of the simplest ways to speed up WordPress is by installing a caching plugin.

In my last post I showed you the results from some initial testing with a new WordPress caching plugin called Viper Cache and two free alternatives, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

I decided to retest all of the plugins and record the process on video this time.

Watch the updated results below…

Even with different results from W3 Total Cache, I still recommend Viper Cache as it is easier to use and has excellent builtin cache rebuilding intelligence not present in free alternatives.

Click Here to Check Out Viper Cache

If you have any questions simply leave a comment…

The Results Are In…

Over the past few days I’ve been testing a new WordPress caching plugin called Viper Cache.


Because the speed of your website is super important!

Not only is it a ranking factor for Google, but with the majority of visitors looking at your site via mobile devices…speed is crucial to keeping visitors on your site.

Viper Cache helps your WordPress site load faster and uses intelligent cache clearing and rebuilding logic so that only the cache on the page you are working on is cleared.

Let’s look at the results…

For this test I used the speed test from Pingdom and cleaned my Firefox browser cache between each plugin test. The site I used is a default WordPress install on shared hosting that has been loaded with a roofing theme and content.

No other tweaks to the site or images were done. I simply activated each plugin and enabled default settings.

Clean site with no cache plugin enabled


Clean site with Viper Cache enabled


Clean site with W3 Total Cache enabled


Clean site with WP Super Cache enabled


Surprisingly from these results, two of the leading “free” WordPress caching plugins actually slowed the site down.

Whereas, Viper Cache made a 2.5 second improvement!

If you’re tired of dealing with a slow loading WordPress site and are confused by the overwhelming number of options provided by “free” cache plugins…I definitely recommend you give Viper Cache a look.

Check Out Viper Cache Now

Let me know what you think in the comments…