How To Learn WordPress 5.0 Quickly

WordPress 5.0 (aka Gutenberg) was recently released and brings with it a MAJOR change to the WordPress editor.

The WordPress editor is now a “block based” editor. It enables you to create awesome website layouts using blocks (kind of like Divi and Elementor).

The new editor gives you the ability to move the blocks around and the blocks can contain text, images, audio, photo gallery, media, lists, buttons and more.

Needless to say, this is a MAJOR change for WordPress 5 and may take some time to get used to it.

One way to get up to speed quickly is to grab a course designed to teach you all about WordPress 5 and the new editor.

My buddy, Charles Harper and his partner Jonathan Teng created a brand-new 20-video course all about WordPress 5.0 entitled Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0.

Check out all the info included…


Right now you can grab it for a HUGE discount…

Click Here to Learn More About Expert Editing With WordPress 5.0

If you have any questions simply leave a comment below…

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Are You Happy With Your Web Hosting?

One of the most foundational aspects of running a business online is having fast, reliable web hosting. is a great place to start, but eventually you will find that having your own hosting affords you more flexibility and growth potential.

(Side note – this blog will be moving to it’s own hosting in January. All my other sites are run on hosting other than

There are thousands of web hosting companies to chose from, which means just about everyone has an opinion about who is the best…and worst.

Usually that opinion is formed based on one’s experience with a given hosting company, and can vary from month to month.

When I got started online I signed up with a fairly well-known hoster on one of their special entry-level, low-cost plans.

Performance was average and reliability was OK.

When the renewal fees hit…oh, boy…things got expensive real quick!

I went from paying a reasonable fee for basic hosting to paying premium-level prices for basic hosting.

And this is the tactic used by MANY hosting companies…get you in cheap and then bank on your hesitation to move.

Needless to say, I eventually forced myself to migrate from that hoster to one that offered a more reasonable price-performance ratio and that I knew wouldn’t hit me with exorbitant renewal fees.

That hoster is Light Speed and they are offering an incredible deal right now…

You can get 3 years of quality web hosting for the price of 1!

Here’s all the features you get:

  • Domains Allowed – Unlimited
  • Free SSL – Unlimited
  • Disk Space – Unmetered
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered
  • 24/7/365 Support – YES!
  • Backups via cPanel – YES!
  • 99.9% Uptime – YES!
  • Free/Instant Setup – YES!
  • Subdomains – YES!
  • FTP Accounts – YES!
  • WordPress – ABSOLUTELY!
  • Much, Much More!!

On top of the excellent 3-for-1 web hosting deal, they are also throwing in some great sign-up bonuses like:

  • Site Speed Secrets Guide PLUS Video Upgrade
  • Boost Your Website Traffic Guide
  • On-Page SEO Blueprint
  • Many More!

One of the coolest things about this deal is that Light Speed recognizes that many people are stuck in current hosting contracts so they’re doing this (taken right from the sales page)…

WAIT!!! You’re Probably Thinking…
“This sounds great, but I already HAVE hosting!”
You can see this is a great deal, but there’s a problem:

You already have a contract with another hosting company.


Your three years of hosting can start at ANY time.

The clock does not start ticking when you purchase, it starts when you activate your account!

Use it now, or 6 months in the future, or even years from now.

It’s ok. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

We aren’t going anywhere, we have tens of thousands of customers to serve!

Isn’t that awesome? Buy now…activate when you’re ready!

If you’re ready to take the next step with your WordPress hosting or you’re just unhappy with your current web hosting provider…

Jump On This Amazing Deal Before It Disappears

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How To Save Money On Your Domain Name Purchases

In my last post I talked about Gene Pimentel’s awesome domain flipping course, Domain Profits Boss.

In his Master Domaining training (a highly recommended upgrade to Domains Profit Boss) Gene gives several tips on how to save money when buying domain names.

Below is one of one of those tips…

One of the best ways to save on domain names is to use either GoDaddy or Namecheap to register your domains.


Because those are two of the most recognized domain registrars and they are running specials all the time.

And the simplest way to save on your domain purchases from these sites is to use a FREE browser extension called Honey.

Honey works in all of the most popular web browsers…Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Simply install Honey and when you hit the check out page in GoDaddy or Namecheap let Honey try the latest coupons and give you the best price.



Once Honey has tried all the coupons it shows you how much you’ve saved.


It’s that simple!

Look at the final price on this domain purchase…


Now image buying a domain for $1.17 and then flipping it for $125…that’s a $123.83 profit!

The cool thing about Honey is that it works at tons of online stores, which means you can save money all over the Internet on all kinds of stuff.

It’s addictive to see how much money you can save!

Ready to save money?

Grab Gene’s Domain Profits Boss and Master Domaining training and then save money on your domain purchases with Honey!

Let me know how much save in the comments…

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How To Make Money By Flipping Domains

You may not know this, but there’s a TON of money being made in the “virtual” real estate market.

Virtual real estate?

Of course, I’m talking about buying and selling domain names…domain flipping.

Much like the very popular “house flipping” model, flipping domains can be a very rewarding and lucrative endeavor.

Maybe you’ve heard of domains selling for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars…

Honestly…that’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about turning $1 to $10 domains into $100 to $500 or even $1000 domains…consistently.

Wouldn’t that be great?

This is something that once you learn the method(s) you can earn a nice side income or scale it to a job-replacing income….it’s up to you!

And I’m also not talking about learning this skill from someone who launches a domain flipping product this month and then a Snapchat product next month…NOPE!

I’m talking about learning domain flipping from a career domain flipper…someone who has spent the last 15+ years making domain flipping his full time gig.

That guy is Gene Pimentel and he’s combined 5 of his best-selling courses for the price of 1.

Check out my review…

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to flip domains…or simply a good income-producing skill…

Gene is your guy…and this is the training!

Check Out Domain Profits Boss Now

*Note – I rarely recommend buying upsells, but in this unique case I highly recommend picking up upsell 2, Gene’s Master Domaining training – it’s 90 videos of domaining gold!

There is some overlap with Domain Profits Boss, but overall Gene expands on all of his methods with details that I think will help you be successful with domaining much quicker.

I’ve been through all of Domain Profits Boss and I’m about 15 videos in to Master Domaining…

The combination of the two is by far the BEST domain flipping training I’ve ever been through.

In fact, I’ve already purchased my first domain to flip and I’m hoping for a sale before the end of next week.

I highly recommend Domain Profits Boss and encourage to grab it and Master Domaining while you can get them for discount pricing.

Start Building Your Virtual Real Estate Empire Today

By the way, I’ve put together a nice bonus package if you buy during this special.

You can view my bonuses here.

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How To Find A Niche That Can Actually Make You Money

One of the challenges when you get started in Internet marketing is finding a niche.

There are thousands upon thousands of niches, which makes choosing one a bit confusing.

To make it worse, one expert tells you to choose something you have a passion for and another one tells you to pick your niche based on a niche’s popularity (or how in-demand it is).

The truth…

They’re both right!

The best thing to do is pick a niche that is in-demand AND that you have some interest in. That way you will enjoy the work of building content for the niche and also have a solid chance of making money at it.

But how do you go about finding profitable niches?

Matt Garrett has developed a nifty tool that helps you find profitable niches and gives you a plan of attack for dominating that niche.

It’s called Niche Reaper.

Niche Reaper is a cloud-based software that is constantly evaluating and adding qualified buyer keywords to its huge database every few minutes.

What makes up a qualified buyer keyword?

Search Volume – The first criteria is that the keyword has to have 200 or more searches per month.

Cost Per Click Value – The second criteria is that the keyword has to have a minimum CPC of at least $0.25.

Commercial Intent – The final criteria is the keyword phrase must have a commercial intent score of at least 25 or higher.

Only keyword phrases that meet this strict set of criteria are added to the database.

So how do you search through the almost 2 Million keyword database?

It’s easy…

Niche Reaper gives you a set of filters that you can easily tweak to get only the results you want.


In the above screenshot I filtered by:

Difficulty less than or equal to 40, Search Volume greater than or equal to 1000, and number of words greater than or equal to 4. That yielded over 8500 results.

Obviously, I needed to filter down even more. So I added a keyword of “dog”.


That yielded 176 results.

As you can see, Niche Reaper is giving me valuable data about keyword phrases I can target in the dog niche.

The best thing about what Matt’s done with Niche Reaper is that on top of the software that is constantly adding data, he has also included 18 training videos on how to utilize the data Niche Reaper provides.

Everything from setting up a simple blog to press release marketing, article marketing and social marketing.

Niche Reaper is definitely a tool that is best seen in action…

Click Here to Watch The Full Demo Video

If you have any questions, simply leave them in the comments below…

How To Land More Local Clients By Giving Away Simple Websites

What is one thing that almost all people like?

To be given something!

In business its the same.

What business owner doesn’t like to be given something that helps their business?

None…that I’m aware of.

And what better gift to give a business than an awesome new website that takes only a few minutes of your time to setup?

“Wait, I don’t know how to code HTML or buy hosting or use WordPress.”

No worries, with the system I’m going to show you today you’ll be cranking out these simple sites in no time without any of the normal hassles of building a website or buying hosting.

Let’s get started…

Step 1. Identify Your Prospect

Surprisingly, there are many local businesses that do not have a website.

The quickest way to find these businesses is to search Google for local niche + city.

Look at the maps results. Do you see any that don’t have a website link?

If so, these are your potential prospects.

A second method that takes a little more time is to browse through the top 10 to 20 results in Google to see whether any of the websites look like they were built in the last century.

If you find sites that look old and are not mobile responsive, these are potential prospects as well.

Step 2. Grab DFY Chief

DFY Chief is a complete done-for-you website solution that includes 30+ website templates in top local niches.

Simply pick the template, make a few edits to customize it for your prospect and publish it.

The best part?

DFY Chief supplies the hosting for you!

Want to put the website on the customer’s domain?

No problem…they have a simple method for making that happen as well.

Step 3. Contact The Prospect

Reach out to the prospect via phone or email and tell them you’ve built them a website and you’d like to give it to them for free.

You can even send the temporary link to them so they can see it.

When they ask what the catch is you simply say there is no catch, there’s just a small monthly hosting fee.

The hosting fee can be whatever you think is reasonable or what the prospect is willing to pay.

The cool thing is that DFY Chief is handling the hosting so anything you charge for the hosting is pure profit and is recurring every month.

The great benefit of this strategy is that it enables you to get your foot in the door with new businesses, develop a relationship and up sell them to your other services over time.

Strategy Boost – Once you’ve got one business onboard, tell them that if they refer another business for a free website you’ll reduce or wave their hosting fee for a month.

In other words, incentivize your clients to “spread the word” about your business.

Also, if the customer wants edits or anything extra done to the site you can charge for that work and outsource it if you don’t want to do it yourself.

What do you think?

Are you ready to grow using this simple foot-in-the-door strategy?

Grab DFY Chief and Get Started Today

*Note – The DFY Chief sales page focuses on selling these sites. You can do that as well. I’ve presented a different strategy to help you approach new prospects with a simple and easy-to-deliver service.

Also, if you’d like to learn more “foot in the door” strategies I highly recommend the FITD Formula training from Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte.

Questions? Leave them in the comments…

What Is Mass Marketing And Is It Right For You?

A couple of months ago I was introduced to a totally new concept…

…Mass Marketing.

What is Mass Marketing?

Maybe the simplest analogy is this…

You can fish with a net, or you can fish with a pole. In both cases you will catch fish, but with the net you will catch a ton more fish with a lot less effort!

The goal of most SEOs/Marketers is to create a perfectly optimized page with the perfect backlink profile so that their page will rank number 1 for a keyword phrase that gets 10,000 visitors per month.

They fight to get that ranking, then they fight to keep that ranking.

And when they lose it (which they most certainly will), they will repeat the cycle to try and get it again.

With mass marketing the “goal is volume, not perfection”.

Mass marketers “understand that landing 10,000 longtail listings that each produce only one single visitor per month is far faster and easier to achieve”.

Because these “longtail listings” are spread out across 10,000 non-competitive listings, the chance of losing them is much less likely. And even if you do lose a few you still have thousands more to keep your traffic flowing.

Starting to make sense?

Is Mass Marketing right for you?

I will be completely honest with you, Mass Marketing is not for everyone.

Mass Marketing requires an initial investment in software, domains and web hosting, as well as consistency and patience.

The software I recommend is Cliff Carrigan’s Organic Traffic Platform (OTP).

Click here to Check Out Organic Traffic Platform

OTP is a Windows-based software that enables you to quickly produce tens of thousands pages of content by simply supplying a few primary keywords, some longtail keywords and your target URL.

All of this content is configured to redirect to the URL of your choosing…which could be an affiliate link, rotator link or link to your main website.

The OTP version I linked to above is called OTP – Static Swarm, but when you buy it you actually get access to a ton of Cliff’s software, including the latest evolution of his OTP software called OTP – Hybrid.

Where Static Swarm only produces HTML pages, OTP – Hybrid creates both HTML pages and WordPress posts/pages that link to your static pages in order to help get all of your content indexed more effectively.

And as I mentioned above, when you pick up OTP – Static Swarm you get access to Cliff’s complete set of software tools that will help you get the most from your OTP networks.

You also get access to Cliff’s private forum and private Discord group where questions can be answered and tons of training is available.

Cliff’s team is even doing periodic webinars where they dig deeper into how to best utilize the OTP software and the Mass Marketing method!

In addition to Cliff’s software you also need to register domains to be used within your mass marketing network.

In most cases, it is recommended that you buy between 5 – 10 domains to be used in your traffic network. These domains will only be used for hosting the OTP content and not for your main website or other offers.

I highly recommend using NameSilo to register your domains because they offer free lifetime WHOIS privacy to protect your domains from snoopers.

Click Here To Register Your Domains With NameSilo

The third thing you need is multiple hosting accounts for your sites.

Why do you need multiple hosting accounts?

Because you need to diversify your IP footprint so that all of your OTP sites are not seen coming from one IP. If Google sees that it will adversely affect your indexing and rankings.

The hosting recommended by Cliff and his team is Hosixy.

Hosixy offers low-cost shared hosting plans that work beautifully with OTP, and you can request that they put your hosting accounts on separate IP networks to get the IP diversity you need.

Click Here To Check Out Hosixy

The last thing you may want to invest in is Marty Bostick’s OTP Case Studies.

One of the biggest challenges with Mass Marketing is NOT OVER-COMPLICATING IT.

The training provided is great at giving you guidance on how to use the software and setup your campaigns, but Marty has taken the time to document his complete thought process for designing and building OTP networks.

Marty has been a beta tester and power user of Cliff’s OTP software since its inception, so he knows exactly how to design and build these organic traffic networks.

He includes several case studies that are making him consistent money in several different niches.

If you decide to go down the Mass Marketing road…I highly recommend you pick up Marty’s Case Studies so that you avoid some of the newbie mistakes I (and many others) made when we first got started.

Click Here To Check Out Marty’s OTP Case Studies

The final two things you need if you decide to try Mass Marketing is consistency and patience.

One of the mantra’s with OTP is to always be building.

Cliff’s OTP software makes Mass Marketing highly automated but you still have to spend time researching your keywords and building out your hosting/WordPress infrastructure.

You should make sure your OTP software is always building so that you can build out huge organic traffic networks that drive massive traffic to your offers/sites.

And lastly…and most important of all…you have to be patient.

Getting Google to index a single video or web page is one thing, allowing time for Google to index tens of thousands of pages takes time.

In many cases, it can take a few weeks (or longer) before you start seeing organic traffic flow through your networks.

You have to keep the long game in mind…be patient with indexing and always be building.

As I mentioned above, Mass Marketing is not for everyone.

But, I hope this post helps you understand what Mass Marketing is and how you can get started with it…if you so choose.

I plan to share some of my results in future posts.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below…

How to Price Your Services and Stop Wasting Time With Tire Kickers

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a super power (like mind reading) so that you could get into the heads of your potential customers?

Imagine if you already knew what your potential prospects were willing to pay and…

What they were looking for from your services…

Who they were comparing your service to…

What their expectations were…

Your ability to ask and GET HIGHER FEES would be striking, wouldn’t they?

Thankfully, long-term quality client acquisition doesn’t require superhero powers.

It starts with getting the most detailed information early on and using it strategically for PROFIT.

Not sure how to accomplish this?

Well Tom Gaddis and Nick Ponte do…and they have a created training AND a cool WordPress plugin to help you with…

  • Pricing Psychology
  • Pricing Presentation
  • What to Do When A Prospect’s Budget Is Too Low
  • Pricing Templates & Worksheets
  • Creating Simple In-take Forms to Gather Information (WordPress plugin handles most of it)

Tom gave me access to the video training and plugin and they look great.

I absolutely love what Tom teaches in the Price Pre-Conditioning Module!

This training + software combo is called Local Fee Finder.

For a short time you can grab Local Free Finder for a big discount.

Click Here To Check Out Local Fee Finder

As a special bonus I’m giving you my FB Chatbot Secrets guide that teaches you step-by-step how to build simple Facebook Chatbots to easily engage your Facebook audience on autopilot.

Questions? Leave them in the comments below…

Dominate This Growing, Desperate Sub-Niche

First off…

Did you grab the FREE Facebook Monetization PLR I gave away earlier this month?

If not, click here to get it.

If you did grab it earlier, have you done anything with it?

If not, one of my favorite PLR creators, Arun Chandran, has a free training that
teaches you how to get the most out of your PLR.

Click here to Access Arun’s Free PLR Training

Speaking of Arun…

Arun just released his latest PLR that enables you to quickly tap in to one of the HOTTEST sub-niches online – The ‘Online Marketing for Seniors’ niche.

Check it Out Here

Every single day, thousands of seniors come online hoping to generate an income to pay their bills or enable them to enjoy retirement.

Outstanding home loans, inflation, health care expenses, etc. are very real burdens that millions of seniors have to deal with.

Whether we like it or not, age discrimination – especially for higher paying jobs – is a real issue and many seniors are unable to find work that they are qualified to do.

That’s why many turn to the Internet to try and maximize their earnings potential.

Seniors starting out will need products and services such as hosting, autoresponder, domain registrars, tools, etc. – just like all other marketers.

All of these are opportunities for you to not only help these seniors, but also earn commissions by pointing them to reliable products/services that will help them succeed online.

In fact, if you have a soft spot in your heart for senior citizens this PLR can help you become an authority to this sub-niche, which the vast majority of marketers will ignore.

Click Here to Check It Out

This PLR pack includes 25 500+ word articles that can easily get your senior-focused blog started, or could easily be converted into videos to get your senior-focused YouTube channel started…OR BOTH!

If you really think you want to go after the senior market you’ll probably want to pick up
Arun’s first upsell as well, which is 5 Persuasive Online Marketing for Seniors lead magnets.

These lead magnets can help you start building your senior-focused email list.

My advice…

If the senior sub-niche looks appealing to you…take time to research non-IM products as well, so you can help your audience market to their peers….who understands seniors like seniors themselves!

Also, make sure you recommend the easiest and lowest cost autoresponder, page builder and other tools to keep their learning curve and expenses at a minimum.

If you have any questions, simply leave a comment below…

Unlimited Email Autoresponder

One of the most critical aspects of any digital marketing business is one’s email autoresponder.

Wait, what is an email autoresponder?

An email autoresponder is a system that enables you to collect email addresses, schedule emails and create automated email follow-up sequences (among other things).

It is one of the most important tools in every digital marketer’s tool box.

There are many different email autoresponder services available. But the problem with most of them is they charge monthly fees based on the number of subscribers you have and/or the number of emails you send per month.

In other words, as you grow your email list…your email marketing costs grow as well.

Well, that’s why I wanted to make you aware of a limited-time special offer.

Builderall is making their email autoresponder available for a ONE-TIME fee!

Not only that, you can have UNLIMITED subscribers and send UNLIMITED emails.

This means you get a professional email autoresponder that enables you to…

  • Have UNLIMITED subscribers
  • Send UNLIMITED emails
  • Segment your lists
  • Personalize your emails
  • Easily create sign-up forms
  • Create suppression lists
  • View stats and Reports
  • Design beautiful newsletters with the built-in templates
  • Split-test
  • Automate follow-up sequences
  • And much, much more…

All for a SINGLE, ONE-TIME payment.

Sound intriguing? Click the link below to learn more…

Check Out Builderall’s MailingBoss Email Autoresponder


Are there any limitations?
No. You can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers.

Can I import my current subscribers list?
Yes. However, Builderall will be evaluating the list and verifying compliance.

Will this being unlimited, will it cause issues with spam or SMTP server reputation?
Builderall is actively monitoring emails to prevent abuse. Builderall is also limiting and evaluating subscriber import requests to verify that the subscriber lists are valid and verified.

If you have any other questions leave a comment below…